Organizational Change Need Not Be Drastic

Kitty Hawk Moment

100 yards (~91 metres) was a highly significant distance in 1903. That was the year when the Wright Brothers took their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina — a flight that lasted just about 100 yards.

Not much, we may say. But it was that very instance that opened up the possibility of an airplane taking off and flying. A breakthrough that’s known as the “Kitty Hawk Moment.”

As a leader, when you are driving change within your teams and organization, look out for those ‘Kitty Hawk’ moments. A team member voicing ideas who is otherwise silent, shifts in energy levels during your meetings, and subtle signs of ownership when a team member proactively solves a problem. There are plenty of indicators.

Your willingness to notice these indicators of change is critical to driving bigger shifts in work culture and performance.

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