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Why Storytelling?

In today’s business environment, the performance of leaders and managers rests on their ability to communicate with impact. And connect with various audiences like teams, partners and customers. It is a challenge to be heard amidst the busyness at the workplace

Be it sharing an idea, pitching a proposal, steering change or aligning people, the default way of communicating with facts and data will not produce results.

Storytelling brings both logic and emotion to connect with people.

Workshops & Training Programs

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Storytelling at Work

1-day hands-on workshop for Leaders, Sales & Project Managers and all teams

Story Strategy

Storytelling for Start Ups

1-day workshop designed to help Start Up founders bring Storytelling into their communication

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Story Coaching

1-1 coaching to overcome individual communication challenges and develop Storytelling capabilities

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Leadership Development

A custom-designed training program for leaders and managers to develop their leadership performance

The DustyPaths Approach

At DustyPaths, we recognize the universal desire for change and transformation. We believe that the catalyst for change lies in the stories we tell. Our training, workshops, and coaching programs are designed to equip you with storytelling skills, empowering you to communicate impactfully.

DustyPaths deploys tools and techniques from Storytelling and Psychology to build your storytelling abilities from the inside-out.


What Participants Are Saying..

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"I have always struggled to tell a story. This workshop helped me with key aspects of storytelling. I could actually use the techniques I learned."
Deep-tech Start Up
"It was a very interactive program for all of us. I'm thrilled to learn about the shift in the energy of the team. We see a big change in the way leaders and team members are engaging."
Founder & CEO
Premium Marketing Firm
"There is a lot more clarity after the workshops. We are already able to have deeper conversations with clients. Our decision-making process has become easier. And my partner and I feel that we are on the same page."
Finance Start Up

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