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Why Develop Leaders In Your Organisation?

In today’s business environment, your leaders need to find new paths to organisational performance. For that, they need to overcome barriers like low self-awareness, tactical thinking, poor communication & engagement.

Conventional training most times imparts knowledge without a significant shift in thinking. What is needed is an unconventional approach to leadership development.

DustyPaths brings interventions from Storytelling, Leadership Development, and Psychology that transform the way your leaders and managers think, act, and communicate.

Why Storytelling for Leadership Development

…a story-based training approach incorporates various storytelling techniques and creates an emotional engagement between the learner and the content.. 

Here's How You Can Get Started

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Leadership Development

A custom-designed training program that uses interventions from Storytelling and Psychology, and takes an inside-out approach to transforming leader performance.

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Storytelling at Work

An interactive workshop to adopt Storytelling for powerful communication. Custom-designed to suit specific applications for Leaders, Sales and Project Managers .

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People Engagement

Leverage the power of stories from the workplace to bring teams together, create a sense of belonging, and a high-level of engagement.

Story Strategy

Story Strategy

Develop the central narrative that defines the WHY of the organisation – a core story that enables leaders to align their people. Highly effective for teams, initiatives, and communities.

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