Are you telling the right story?

Stories are recognizable patterns. Humans have the natural ability to form patterns. Its how we formed constellations and sailed the high seas. We continue to use patterns to navigate the world of business.

Stories are a powerful way to connect people and ideas.
Storytelling helps businesses inspire change, create a conducive work culture, develop user-centric products, and form lasting relationships. The applications are endless and the results delightful.

But many companies struggle to tell stories that work.
We are here to change that.

Connect the dots

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today."

– Robert McKee, Scriptwriting Guru

At Dusty Paths, we help you and your business to craft and tell stories effectively. We use proven storytelling frameworks that blend with your business strategy to help you connect with customers and employees at a deeper level.

Harness the power of patterns and learn the art and science of storytelling.

Meet Vinod


Hi, I’m Vinod, founder, and trainer at DustyPaths. An entrepreneur at heart, I have 3 decades of experience in people development, training, and project management. I’m passionate about using stories to forge new paths – hence DustyPaths.

Founder DustyPaths

Here's my story.

I got introduced to storytelling before storytelling became a thing we know today. My aha moment came during an official visit to Disneyland early in my career. I learnt what goes on behind the scenes and the elements that make such a splendid customer experience – what we know as magic. It was storytelling in action.

I became fascinated with storytelling and how it played out in business. I tapped into the principles of storytelling when I built a team and set up operations for the first teleconferencing company in India. And later, at WebEx and Cisco in customer experience, marketing, product development, and delivery roles.

Founder Journey 3

As the world rapidly became more digital, human connections started to suffer. And its effects were felt in how businesses connected with employees and customers. I founded DustyPaths with a mission to make storytelling accessible and practical. I work with business owners and leaders to teach the ropes of storytelling and apply it to their work.

I also enjoy photographing life, playing roles on stage, running long distances, and hiking mountains.

Well, that’s me. I’d love to hear your story. 
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