The Storytelling Mindset

In a world filled with information, the ability to craft and share compelling narratives becomes a beacon for effective communication. Today’s leaders and managers need to be storytellers. At DustyPaths, we are on a mission to enable you to put storytelling to work.

We understand that stories have the power to resonate, inspire, and drive meaningful connections. Achieving consistent results is about the ability to influence, persuade and rally people – to fulfill a vision, bring ideas to life, and deliver projects.

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today."

– Robert McKee, Scriptwriting Guru

Our workshops and programs  are designed  to equip individuals with storytelling skills. 

Unlock the potential of storytelling to articulate your message with clarity, impact, and purpose.

Meet Vinod


As founder of DustyPaths. Vinod comes with 3 decades of experience in training, leadership, and people development, He’s passionate about using storytelling to forge new paths to performance.

Founder DustyPaths

An offbeat journey

Vinod has been a strong proponent of Storytelling – through the training programs he designed and delivered during his tenure in Motorola, WebEx and Cisco – His storytelling journey started 3 decades ago.. back in 1993 when he approached a prospect in the real estate segment and incorporated storytelling into their messaging.

A few years later, the storytelling approach incorporated into his presentation of the 6-sigma project in Motorola took his  team till the semi-finals of the Total Customer Satisfaction initiative. 

It was during this project he visited Disneyland, Florida and this provided him a fantastic exposure to Storytelling and a great learning opportunity.

He tapped into the principles of storytelling when he built the team and set up operations for the first teleconferencing company in India. And later put Storytelling to play, at WebEx and Cisco in customer experience, marketing, product development, and project management.

He founded DustyPaths with a mission to make storytelling accessible and practical. He works with organisations to bring storytelling into their everyday communication at work.

Aside of this, he pursues people photography. He is also a trekker and an avid barefoot marathon runner.


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