Storytelling at Work

Brand Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling at Work


Empower your leaders with storytelling to communicate with impact and inspire people to action.

Storytelling Is Key For Every Leader's Success

A leader’s success is dependent on their ability to communicate impactfully and influence people – team members, customers, partners. 

Storytelling is the most powerful way to connect and deliver messages, pitch ideas and solutions, and steer change while ensuring 
a high-level of engagement with people.

The ‘Storytelling at Work’ program provides the right mix of techniques
for using storytelling in their everyday communication.

Visible Signs

Struggling to Communicate Powerfully?

Are your leaders and managers experiencing any of these?

  • Difficulty influencing stakeholders

  • Unable to inspire team performance

  • Aligning team to larger objectives is challenging

  • Meetings get drab and boring 

  •  Unresolved conflicts due to gaps in communication 


"Storytelling at Work" is a hands-on workshop for leaders to learn storytelling skills and power their communication

This workshop is designed to meet specific needs of leaders, suit their roles and provide them opportunity to work on their individual communication challenges.

Who is this workshop for?

For anyone looking to make their communication impactful

Leaders and Managers

Build communication, grow your influence, inspire and lead people, obtain buy-in

Storytelling for Sales

Sales Managers

Learn to apply Storytelling techniques in customer pitches, dealing with objections

Project Managers

Align team members to larger project objectives, manage stakeholders, infuse fresh energy into status meetings

Learn to use storytelling to your advantage.

Get on the Storytelling Path

In 3 simple steps

Step 1

Problem definition

Tell us about the
communication challenges
you and your leaders are facing

Step 2

Workshop Design

We work with you to design
the Storytelling workshop
to meet your needs

Step 3

Workshop Delivery

Leaders huddle in the
hands-on workshop and build
their storytelling muscle

Got Questions? Let's talk!

Storytelling skills make a difference to leader communication. Here’s how…