Storytelling Goes Beyond Email Scripts

Storytelling Goes Beyond Emails

Here’s a scenario most of us have faced. It begins with a realisation that you need some service, say software or legal service. You go online and shoot queries to some of the websites on the first page of Google search. You get automated emails saying they have received your query. You wait for a sales person to call you. But, all you hear back is silence. It almost seems like your query has gone into a black hole.

This is very common in the B2B space where you need to contact another person to buy something instead of simply adding things to a cart on a website.

I was in this exact situation last week when looking for some financial services. I got many scripted emails and one of them proclaimed to have an “exceptional sales team” that will connect with me.

So, what’s this to do with storytelling?

There is a common misunderstanding that storytelling is applicable to advertising, marketing, and presentations. Yes, storytelling is most visible in these. But what played out in the above scenario and what you have experienced many times is also a story. Many ‘exceptional sales teams’ are not so exceptional after all. And there is a wide gap between the stories that the sales scripts tell and the actual follow up actions.

The main essence of storytelling is to put customers in the centre. Put the spotlight on them and not on your company. Tell them how you can meet their needs. And how your company understands them and can guide them to solve their problems.

Storytelling plays a part in your company’s email strategy. But well written copy, good SEO, and attractive website design need to be backed by prompt action.

How do you apply this to your company?

Storytelling is a mindset where your employees put customers in the centre. Enabling this storytelling mindset in your people and designing processes that align with this philosophy is what helps in building a solid brand. That’s your brand story in action.

Don’t stop at great copy! Everything you do or do not do in your business is telling your brand story.

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