Story Strategy

Story Strategy


Develop a core narrative for your business, project or community,
and provide your people a strong purpose to align with. 

Connect the dots
Brand Core Story

Why Does Your Organisation Exist?

As a leader or manager, if you sense the need to bring alignment in your teams or community members, Story Strategy will enable you to do that.

With people working remotely, collaborative performance continues to be a challenge. Reminders in meetings work up to a point, but you feel that not everyone subscribes to the same understanding of the project or initiative. And the problems stem from a loss of alignment to a common purpose or objective. 

Delivered in a consultative manner, Story Strategy deploys Storytelling as a strategic tool to develop a central narrative for your organisation, team or community.

Struggling to convey the essence of what you do?

If these sound familiar, get your story strategy in place.

  • Your people lack a sense of direction and work at cross purposes
  • You want your people to move quickly, but are unable to get them to
  • You have trouble explaining how your business makes a difference
  • You have a company story but not sure how to tell it
Leader Struggling


Story Strategy is the central narrative for your business or initiative that captures what you stand for, where you play, and who you serve. This narrative is at the heart of all strategies that drive your business or initiative.

Story Strategy Applications


For Businesses

Align and engage all teams inside the organisation to a common narrative


For Projects

Get your project team to align to project objectives 


For Communities

Operate from a core purpose to create strong engagement with members

Your story strategy is your superpower

Developing a clear story strategy has all-round benefits.

  • Infuse fresh energy in your people
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Enhance employee and customer retention
  • Unify leadership on the company story
  • Increase confidence in sales situations

Developing your Story Strategy

The process involves discovery, interactive workshops
and roll out guidance, and spans 2-3 weeks.


Clarify Your Strategy

We understand your business,
key objectives and current challenges

Team Up in Workshops

Company leadership partake in workshops
to formulate the Story Strategy

Bring Your Story to Life

Plan and roll out your Story Strategy
within the organisation

Discover your Story Strategy

Your organisation is unique. So is its story.