Brand Storytelling Workshop

Brand Storytelling Workshop

Brand Storytelling Workshops 
for Leaders


Brand Storytelling workshops equip leaders with storytelling capabilities to communicate powerfully and lead people and brands to success.

Great brands are the result of great leadership

Most companies focus their efforts on marketing and external brand building. They neglect one of the most important drivers of their brand – leadership.

Leaders set the tone that resonates throughout the company and extends to the brand experiences their people deliver.

When leaders communicate in a way that is clear and engaging, their people are better aligned to the organisation’s values and a powerful brand is an obvious outcome.

Struggling to grow your influence as a leader?

Do these sound familiar to you?

  • “Lack of clarity in articulating ideas”

  • “Our argument is strong, but still feel it is difficult to influence stakeholders”

  • “Meetings happen, but talk doesn’t translate into the desired actions”

  • “Driving change is necessary, I’m finding ways to overcome resistance”


Brand Storytelling Workshop is a program that helps leaders develop storytelling skills and boost their communication.

This program is a unique blend of proven techniques drawn from storytelling, leadership development, and behavioural psychology with a focus on bringing about transformation in the way leaders communicate.

Elevate performance with Brand Storytelling

Unleash your potential by incorporating storytelling in your communication

For the individual leader –

  • Inspire, lead change, and impact people
  • Engage with your people on a deeper level
  • Develop a leadership style natural to you
  • Shape people behaviour and actions

How does this help your company?

  • People aligned to company vision
  • Work environment that enables performance
  • Clarity and direction to teams and projects
  • Enhanced brand image in the market

Learn to use storytelling to your advantage.

What does the workshop include?

Brand Storytelling Workshop is a hands-on session designed for leaders and managers.

  • Key elements of a story
  • Story creation and narration techniques
  • Framework to identify and conceptualise stories
  • Applications of storytelling in your work

Custom workshops: Storytelling as an intervention for Culture-enablement, Employee Engagement, Inculcating Values.

Workshop Topics

Get on the storytelling path

In 3 simple steps

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Step 2

Shape the session

We work with you to tailor our storytelling workshop to meet your needs

Step 3

Transform into storytellers

Huddle in the workshop and build your storytelling muscle.

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