Brand Core Story

Brand Core Story 
for your Business

Brand Building Starts Here

Core Story is the basis for all your brand-building efforts.

It influences how your people perform, the products you offer,
the culture you create, the customers you sell to – in everything
your brand does and represents.

Group Workshop
Brand Core Story

Brands are built from the inside-out

Many companies approach brand building by working on external aspects
like a logo or design. In reality, brands are built by the sum of all experiences customers have with the company.

Core story aligns your people, products, and processes to a central purpose. Core story allows you to communicate the real value you add, differentiate
your brand in the marketplace, and attract ideal customers.

Struggling to convey your brand's essence?

If these sound familiar, it’s time to get your brand core story in place.

  • Your business is not growing and you sense a lack of direction

  • You are expanding to new markets but unable to speed up efforts

  • You notice you are not attracting the customers you want to acquire

  • Your competition seems to be moving smoothly and gaining on you

  • Your teams do not pull in the same direction and work at cross purposes

  • You have trouble explaining how your business makes a difference

  • You have a company story but not sure how to tell it

Leader Struggling


Brand Core Story is the central narrative for your business that captures what you stand for, where you play, and who you serve. Your brand’s core story is at the heart of all strategies that drive your business.

Brand Core Story enables you to connect with your audiences at an emotional level and
defines how people both inside and outside the organisation view your brand.

Discover your Brand Core Story


Uncover gaps between your desired brand and what customers & employees perceive


Find the most suitable position for your brand to occupy in the customer’s mind


Develop a brand personality and communication strategy that talks to your ideal customers

Brand Core Story formulation adopts time-tested frameworks and
techniques from Storytelling, Brand -building, and Behavioural Psychology.

Your core story is your brand’s superpower

Developing a clear core story has all-round benefits.

How it helps your company –

  • Strong brand presence in the market

  • People aligned to a common vision

  • Consistent communication with stakeholders

  • Culture congruent with brand


As entrepreneurs, be able to –

  • Infuse fresh energy in your people
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Enhance employee and customer retention
  • Unify leadership on the company story
  • Increase confidence in sales situations

Developing your Brand Core Story

The process involves research & analysis, interactive workshops
and roll out guidance, and spans 2-3 weeks.


Clarify Your Strategy

We understand your business,
key objectives and current challenges

Team Up in Workshops

Company leadership partake in sessions
to formulate the Brand Core Story

Bring Your Story to Life

Plan and roll out your Brand Core Story
within the organisation

Discover your Brand Core Story

Your organisation is unique. So is your story. 
Tell a story that’s worthy of the brand you are building.